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A Letter To My Son

Jig, looking back on the time I got to have with you I feel guilt. All the time I spent away from you at work when you were small I tried to make up with money and presents. I felt such guilt about not being with you, I thought supporting you with things would somehow make-up for not being there. There is no rule book when it comes to being a parent. You would smile so big every time I would come home with a hockey Jersey from Moscow or a new phone for you to play with. What I missed was that being a parent is about time, not things. As you got older I didn’t make you come for family dinners or birthday parties. I let you make that decision. It shouldn’t have been a choice. I was always there when you thought you needed something, but I didn’t show the most important things in life, time with the people you love. You were a lost 19 year old when the trouble really started and I couldn’t see why. Those nights we would just drive around and talk about the why’s and how’s trying to find a solution. We were both lost. The problems we faced were much larger than either one of us knew how to handle. June 11, 2021 will forever be the moment I lost everything.

On June 11, 2021, Jacob Borisenko lost his life to an accidental overdose. This website came about from that tragic day and is intended to help kids and family find those solutions that Jacob and I couldn’t.

- Steve Borisenko / Jacob's Dad

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